Today is moving day…

Hello Met Nation…

     Like I mentioned a few weeks back, the newspaper I work at has asked me to move my blog to its Website.
Mrmet_290x315_5      So, while I’ll keep this site active for a while, from now on, I’ll be posting on, the online home of the Staten Island Advance. I’ve got a new look and even a new name…
    (So make sure you update your bookmarks and leave me some comments! And don’t worry if your comments don’t go up right away. This system may take a little longer.)
I’ve got a good feeling this is our season, so click here and come talk about it with me…

~ Eddie D’Anna

Mets in ’07!




    Love your new blog-site, Eddie. I will have to bookmark it on my home workstation; work would be a no-no but I will remember where you are and go there anyway 🙂 – work will never get in the way of my Mets!!!

    Good luck with the move.

    Lee Ellen


    Oh no. Does this mean heavily censured and ‘you’re not allowed to say that’ blogging from now on?



    David has been taking pics with my “Super 5” branded t-shirts that have been made for sale and other uses. Let me know where i can send a pic.

    In the meantime, feel free to spread this news and if you want to pick up your own, click below:

    If you’re interested in helping us promote. Lemme know.


    Evan Tabickman



    Hi Eddie

    Not sure if you still this blog or not but I am unable t log into the new blog. It keeps rejecting my username and/or password. I tried signing up with a new one and while it accepted my new username, when I then tried to post a comment, it said user name not found. Anyway, maybe the server is down.

    Lets go mets anyway!!!

    Lee Ellen


    With the Mets collapse, it coincided with the Cubs winning their division title. It’s a little payback for what happened in 1969. GO CUBS

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