Prioritize, AmBur!

     Armando Benitez.
    Jorge Julio.
    Ambiorix Burgos?
    Not yet, by any means. Hopefully not ever.
Burgos_2      But if our new reliever — who came from KC with a triple-digit fastball and a penchant for equally eye-popping meltdowns — doesn’t listen to his pitching coach, he could be next in the line of fire-balling hurlers who became flops in our Flushing bullpen.
     Burgos allowed a 2-run jack to Florida’s Hanley Ramirez Friday night on a 97 mph heater that caught too much of the plate. Yesterday Scott Rolen ripped a high fastball for a 2-run double. A few weeks back there was that grand slam to a Red Sox non-roster invitee.
    The problem?
    "The issue is this: High-end velocity without location doesn’t get anybody out in the big leagues," Rick Peterson told Newsday. " Until guys realize that’s the priority, they won’t succeed."

Mets in the news

  • El Duque pulled up limp after running to first base yesterday. Not to worry though. Just a cramp.
  • Lastings Milledge think he’s gotten all he can from the minor leagues. I agree.

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Mets in ’07!




    Burgos has pretty surely ticketed himself for Triple-A. But it would be foolish to give up on him at this point. If it ever clicks, a guy with that kind of stuff could be the next Billy Wagner. (Or he could just as easily be the next Kyle Farnsworth…a 100 mph thrower, not a pitcher.)

    Regarding El Duque: I know it’s “just a cramp,” but I somehow get the feeling both Mike Pelfrey and Chan Ho Park will be in our starting rotation to start the season.

  2. Edward

    EC… from what I read, Burgos has a decent splitter and slider. They may need some work, but they are usable. He just loves to rear back and dial it up. He’s still a young man (22)and hopefully outgrows it. (Heck, I’m 27 and if I could throw 103 mph, I’d be tempted to light up the gun as well lol)

    As for El Duque… he saves his best for the biggest spots. I wonder how much he really is interested in Spring Training games. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Park and Pelfrey both made the rotation.

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball


    I think that at this point unless Burgos numbers improve he should be in the minors at least to start the season.As for El duque that man is just old does anyone truly know how old he is?I hope lastings stays up here this season.


    I would not be thrilled with Burgos in the pen or Park as a starter based on what I have seen this Spring. I really have been swayed into becoming a Pelfrey fan so I would be disappointed if he were not on the roster come April. I am not seeing many positive statements from Willie or Omar that he will be.

    El Duque better learn to stretch better before games 🙂 he is cramping up a little too much for my comfort level.

    I also read that Lastings might be considered trade bait now that his worth has improved this Spring. Again, big mistake if they use him in a trade.

    No, I am not thrilled with what I am reading about possibilites.

    Lee Ellen

  5. Edward

    Lee Ellen… I am definetly NOT cool w/ trading Milledge! If I had my druthers, he’d be starting in RF on Opening Day. Hopefully he will be.

    Hmmm… maybe a stretching regiment could help keep El Duque limber lol. He’s had some bad luck w/ this running thing lately.

    Kaylee… If you believe the back of his baseball card, El Duque is 37. If you believe his divorce records in Cuba he’s 41. I’m not sure I believe either though lol. He could be 45 for all we know.

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball

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