Say no to Chan Ho

     Thank you Chan Ho Park.
     As a staunch supporter of Mike Pelfrey in his bid to win the No. 5 spot, I was still kinda worried the Mets would do something dumb like take Park when the team breaks camp and send the kid down to Triple-A for more experience.
     That was until I read Chan Ho’s pitching line yesterday:
     3 IP, 7 H, 7 R, 4 ER.
     Yep, this race is about over.
     BTW: A few other veterans on the bubble didn’t do too well yesterday either.
      Jorgie Sosa relieved Park and gave up six runs (three earned) and eight hits in two innings. Meanwhile, pitching with the other squad, Aaron Sele got touched for five earned runs in five innings against the Orioles.
Mets in the news
  • For those keeping score at home, Lastings Milledge got two more hits yesterday. His average is .375.
  • In the Asbury Park Press we learn Armando Benitez Ambiorix Burgos thinks he’ll make the bullpen, even after his second meltdown in six games. I’m pulling for Joe Smith here. I like Burgos a lot, but he’s gotta learn to stop trying to blow hitters away and actually pitch.
  • I feel a lot better after watching achy-elbowed Aaron Heilman fry the Fish Friday night. We need this guy.
  • Great story in Newsday about how fortysomething Mets fend off age.
Mets in ’07! 



    I think we can focus our worrying now on Chan Ho Park taking up a long reliever’s spot. He ain’t starting. It really is unfair to judge a pitcher based on spring training, but man…yesterday’s performance was brutal. (I haven’t heard Aaron Sele’s name in weeks. I’m surprised he’s even still with the team.)

    Joe Smith seems to be the obvious choice over Burgos now, but comparing Burgos to Armando Benitez is HARSH!


    While yesterday’s game was painful, the silver lining is the decision between Park and Pelfrey becomes much less blurred as a result. I agree with EC that the next worry is Park taking a long reliver spot in the pen.

    Burgos does need more re-tooling sessions with the Jacket. He has the potential but he still is a diamond in the rough.

    The one thing that kind of bothers me, and maybe someone here could explain it better, is why Alay Soler was released on his questionable performance in ST when these guys, one a seasoned veteran, get to continue? I may be “off” but Soler was not any worse than these 2 and I thought Soler had some good stuff at times.

    If Lastings is sent back to AAA when camp breaks, I for one will be very disappointed in the decision making.

    On a final note, while everyone focuses on our pitching, our offense has been been a little weak. Our savior last season was high run production behind pitching that faultered at times. I do not see a sustained offense yet.

    Maybe that is to come, I am hoping.

    Lets go Mets!!!

    Lee Ellen


    Mike Pelfry is the better choice over Chan Ho.I just think we can count on Mike Pelfry more than we can count on Chan Ho.Chan HO is just one of those pitchers that can have a good outing but,more times than he is gunna have a bad outing.I would rather have Jo smith in the pen than Burgos.Buros has not proven his worth to me yet.Lastings Milledge should definately stay up here this season he is the obvious choice over Shawn Green.As for Aaron Heilman I hink everybody is gunna have their bad days especially after not pitching for a week.He wil be fine I hope:)

  4. Edward

    EC… Don’t mind my cross-out tool lol. Just having a little fun. (Burgos came here with a reputation for the spectacular meltdown, and his given us two so far this spring… though not much stock should go into that.) I like Burgos a lot, and I think trading Brian Bannister for him will be a steal. I just think he’s got a little more work to do in order to become more of a power pitcher and less of a power thrower.

    Lee Ellen… I was thinking about Soler while I was shoveling snow yesterday! lol Wonder why he was cut so quickly and so harshly. Perhaps we don’t know all the story there… On the bright side, our offense isn’t wasting any bullets when the games don’t count! i’m sure they’ll come around just in time. If there’s one thing this team can do, it’s hit.

    Kaylee… your fav Green is starting to come on a bit. I think Milledge should get the RF job, but don’t be surprised if Shawn gets hot at the right time and heads north w/ starting gig.

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball


    I would love it that happened eddie I am just saying that MIlledge deserves it at least to start the season:)

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