OK… I’ve seen all I need to see.
     I’ve got my five for our starting rotation. Let’s call this Oliver_1 whole competition off.
     Tom Glavine, Orlando Hernandez, John Maine, Oliver Perez (9Ks in 5 innings vs. Boston last night??) and Mike Pelfrey.
     I’ll go to war with that bunch.
     Glavine is going to be Glavine. He’ll give us at least 30 starts, most of them good, and double-digit wins. He’s the dean of this staff.
     Hopefully El Duque has a strong first half in him. If he gives us a couple of good months, maybe he can get us to Pedro or Humber at mid-season, then take his annual vacation to stay fresh for October.
     And the kids?
     Either Maine, Perez or Pelfrey could become a front-of-the-rotation starter this season. Maybe all. They are that good and they are progressing that much. They’ve had great camps and are making leaps and strides under pitching coach Rick Peterson.

Mets in the news

  • Shawn Green keeps coming on strong. He hit a homerun last night. Not to be outdone, Lastings Milledge raised his average to .375 with a single.
  • In today’s Advance, we learn side-winding reliever Joe Smith had his locker moved closer to the veterans. He pitched another scoreless inning last night with 2 Ks.
  • Aaron Heilman isn’t concerned about his achy elbow. I am.
Mets in ’07!   


  1. yvaithe@aol.com

    Nice article find with Joe Smith. I like the kid, I hope he makes the team. I agree with everyhing you said up there except this whole Green thing. A couple of home runs doesn’t make up for the stinkage that is his spring. Bring on Lastings and take out the garbage!!!

  2. phurrballe@aol.com

    Ha – I was thinking the same thing, yvaithe. Even if Green hits a few more out of the park, my vote still would favor Lastings first. Lastings has the speed, is tearing up the base paths, is hitting pretty darn good (better than Green) and just seems like he has more hunger out there on the field. Green looks bored still.

    Ollie Perez is my man!!! I am so thrilled to see him command the park yesterday. Seems whatever the Jacket is telling him is slowly sinking in. This kid will be a force this year.

    Smith is another gem. I think our pitching is shaping up nicely. What happened to Wagner though – he scared me alot last year and he seems to be starting off the same way this year – really really good or just horrendous.

    Lets go Mets.

    Lee Ellen

  3. yvaithe@aol.com

    Wags’ fastest pitch yesterday registered a 88mph. Maybe he’s taking it easy but this guy usually hit’s 98mph. Billy needs to find his fastball or the So Taguchi’s of the league will be eating him for breakfast again.

  4. ecpoet13@yahoo.com

    Yvaithe, the SNY gun is VERY low. It had Oliver Perez throwing 84-86 mph fastballs. He was probably not throwing 95, but he was dealing. I’m not worried about Billy.

    I’m not totally sold on Oliver Perez yet, but I watched last night’s outing and there’s no question he deserves a prolonged opportunity. His fastball is straight and he throws a lot of balls down the middle of the plate…so he’s gonna get hit real hard some nights…but his off-speed stuff, when on, is super. I’m really interested to see how he does this year.

    Joe Smith looked GREAT…now Omar letting go of Bradford so easily (which I still don’t really agree with) makes some sense…

    Agree with the other commenters on Green. I wish the guy well. But I don’t want him taking a spot at the expense of the young guys.

  5. pv45000@aol.com

    If Lastings goes back to AAA I think It will hurt him. Green can hit as much as he wants from the bench. Lasting should start, and show us what he can do. I rather see him play now instead of the middle of the year to make sure he is ready.

  6. Edward

    YVaithe… While I appreciate Shawn’s effort, I’m definetly a Milledge guy. I think the kid’s ready. I want him in RF everyday when we head north.

    Lee Ellen… Lastings is the guy to extend our “Willie Ball” attack. Speed. Goes the other way. Some pop. Defense. Hope he gets a shot. Hopefully Wags is just saving it for the season…

    EC… Good point on the SNY gun… it does make you nervous some nights! lol This Smith may be the steal of the draft. Third round pick last summer and he might well make the team. And he’s been holding it together vs. lefties as well… if you had to bring either Smith or Burgos north, who would it be?

    PV… Agreed. Milledge has put Triple-A behind him. Time to see if he sinks or swims in the bigs. Green would look great on our bench… I never was happy w/ Julio Franco being the sole backup for Carlos Delgado.

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball

  7. kayleexxx@aol.com

    Hey guys dont get too excited The mets did beat my beloved Red sox but……………It is spring training and Josh Beckett was on the mound.Shawn Green keep hitting like you did yesterday.I did like the way that Oliver pitched yesterday though:)

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