Pitching answers present themselves

     Maybe Rick Peterson really is something special.
     Because yesterday two of our pitching coach’s prized pupils Pelfreynew_3 continued their stellar springs and eased some of the uncertainty surrounding our starting rotation.
     First John Maine continued his ascension from throw-away to front-end pitcher with four innings of one-run ball. The wind-blown dinger he gave up was his first run of the spring and he tallied four Ks on the day.
     Then Mike Pelfrey — who has used Peterson’s teachings to turn himself into a groundball machine — pitched four gritty innings, allowing only his first earned run of the spring. The kid hung tough and pitched himself out of two jams against the AL East champion Tigers.
     You can pencil Maine in as our No. 3 pitcher right now — and feel pretty good about it.
     As for Pelfrey, if he hasn’t wrapped up this No. 5 job yet, he’s one more start away from doing so. And if he continues to work down in the zone and get hitters to put the ball on the ground, he could be much more than that by the all-star break.
     Today, Peterson’s other student, Oliver Perez, will pitch.

Mets in ’07!


  1. phurrballe@aol.com

    My vote for starting rotation would include Maine, Perez and Pelfrey, in no particular order, with maybe Vargas thrown in there as an alternate to either Perez or Pelfrey. I think Maine and Pelfrey have stepped up to the challenge and proved themselves. Perez, he may need a tweeking here or there but I still would prefer him over Park, but Vargas is also a consideration as well.

    No one says that once you pick a starting rotation, you must stick with it all season so what is the harm in giving Pelfrey, Vargas or Perez the opportunity to make the club in April? And as Eddie said, Park has not shown “lights out” ball here so far. What worries me is Willie’s statements over the last few weeks regarding Park.

    But I guess this is a “good” problem to be having when everyone thought our starting rotation was decimated.

    Lee Ellen

  2. ecpoet13@yahoo.com

    I obviously made my comment about not minding if Pelfrey got demoted before hearing about his performance yesterday.

    In my mind, Pelfrey has now earned the No. 5 slot. And Maine continues to really impress me. Kris Benson who?

    I hope Oliver Perez continues to improve as well.

  3. yvaithe@aol.com

    I still think Willie will lean towards Park and Green just becuase it will enrage me. Aside from that, I think we need Pelfrey to snag that 5th spot. It’ll put all this stupid talk about our “old” rotation to bed. Here’s a question though, let’s say we get lucky and the rotation fills out nicely and perfoms well with Maine, Perez and Pelfrey, I know I’m getting ahead of myself but wouldn’t it make sense to put El Duque in the pen when Pedro comes back? Anyways, Pelfrey has my vote ten times over Let’s go METS!!!

  4. joseph

    I am still shocked the Mets didn’t get Zito. He would have made you a serious contender. Your offense will get you in position to make the playoffs and I know Zito isn’t a bonafide Ace but he would have been good and you have the money to throw at him. It was the only thing the Mets needed!

  5. ecpoet13@yahoo.com

    I think there’s an excellent chance Barry Zito will not post a winning record this year. His stuff has been deteriorating for years now.

  6. yvaithe@aol.com

    Zito would have made us a “serious” contender? Did you see our rotation last year? We won 97 games. Zito is a hack who has changed his pitching motion, he’ll be lucky to win 12 games.

  7. Edward

    Lee Ellen… know what I like best about this spring? With the emergence of Maine, Perez and Pelfrey, suddenly we’ve got a nice young rotation. Look what Peterson did with Hudson, Mulder and Zito. Who knows? Maybe he can pull something like that off here. After all, their stats have nose-dived since he left Oakland.

    EC… With Benson slated for arm surgery, I think it’s safe to count this as the second disaster deal Jim Duquette has authored. For the record, he’s traded Scott Kazmir and John Maine for Victor Zambrano and Kris Benson. A season after being acquired, each veteran has gone on to have major arm surgery. Hopefully each kid becomes a front of the rotation pitcher.

    YVaithe… Why do I have the same concern about Park and Green? lol I’m just hoping the kids make it impossible to chose against them. And so far they are doing just that…

    Joseph… Zito was on top of my winter wish list as well. But after seeing what the Giants gave him, it just isn’t a good signing. Barry hasn’t had an elite year since 2003 and has been basically a .500 pitcher since. Don’t forget, the Angels didn’t have a lights-out rotation when they won it all a few years back. Good bullpens do compensate. And maybe the kids will surprise you.

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball

  8. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Yes I have gotten some autos 😉

    Here’s the list:

    HoJo, Sandy (dad), BenJ, Gotay, Feliciano, Anderson.

    I already have Beltran, Reyes, Valentin, Castro, Delgado, Woody (sniff), and the man himself Minaya. Those from the games in Miami last year.

    Can you beleive I don’t have Wright’s? I do have a ball he threw me from batting practice last year and that’s the one I have signed by everyone else.


  9. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Oh and just another comment. A fan said:
    “Ben Good Luck man I hope you make the cut.”

    To which he answered:

    “I hope so too man. I like it here.”


  10. pv45000@aol.com

    I think after yesterday they have there Pitching staff set. Maine, Pelfrey and O Perez. I’m ready.

  11. Edward

    Des.. that’s an awesome collection and a cool story about BenJ. Did u get to talk to Omar much? What was he like?

    PV… I’m pretty pumped after last night. Wow… all of a sudden we have the makings of a good, young pitching staff. I’ll got to battle with that five. (And think… we’ve still got Pedro eyeing a summer return and Humber looking for his chance.)

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball

  12. bbegs@msn.com

    7/3/07 Wathing the mets and colorado, 4 run first inning Vargas pithing getting hammered, Randoph in dugout like he’s in another world. Send vargas back to minors take Randolph with him. Second inning no better, enough said. Six runs second inning no trips to mound…

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