Kids vs. vets in Met camp

     Less that three weeks ‘til Opening Day.
     Decision time’s a-coming for Omar and Co., and with two kids currently Lastings_7 outplaying their veteran counterparts, I wonder if we’ll take a gamble when it’s time to head north.
     Or take the easy way out and decide based on reputations.
     If camp were to break today, Lastings Milledge deserves to be in rightfield every day and Mike Pelfrey deserves to be on the hill every fifth day.
     It is believed Shawn Green (who to his credit, isn’t going without a fight) and Chan Ho Park will get the starting gigs at their expense. If they do, it is strictly for their performances years ago.
     One legitimate knock on us is that we’re a little long in the tooth.

     If these kids continue to show they are ready, why not give them a chance?
     After all, I thought these were supposed to be open competitions.

Shawn Green: .156 AVG
Lastings Milledge: .355 AVG
Ben Johnson: .355 AVG

Chan Ho Park: 6.1 IP, 7.11 ERA
Mike Pelfrey: 5 IP, 0.00 ERA

Mets in ’07!



    If I were one of the Mets’ brass, I would pick Pelfrey for the Rotation and Milledge as my starting right fielder. I would also cut Green. What do I think will happen? I think Pelfrey lands the 5th spot and Green is the right fielder with Milledge in New Orleans.


    I’m more concerned about right field than the 5th starter slot. I want to see Pelfrey win over Park, but more seasoning wouldn’t hurt Pelfrey at this point, either – and I’m sure he’d be the first call-up, anyway.

    On the other hand, both Milledge and Johnson have been at the Triple-A level for awhile now. They have nothing left to prove, and both have impressed me in spring training. Johnson is a fairly unknown quantity to me, but Milledge is highly strung–send him to Triple-A and you may lose him. Green? He’s a good guy and I appreciate his effort, but he’s finished.


    I agree with everyone on the RF situation. Milledge worked hard and cleaned up his off-field act, so it would seem, so I think he deserves the start. Green is fine for the bench although as I have stated before, he has been looking very anemic so far.

    As for the 5th position in the rotation, I really do not want Park in there. If we can take a gamble with “Lima time” last year, why not throw Pelfrey out there and go on the same expectations we gave Lima? Gosh, if Lima is the standard of how my bend the Mets have for starters, Pelfrey certainly comes in way above that. 🙂

    Lee Ellen


    Just to clarify, I only would consider starting Park over Pelfrey if Park is lights-out the rest of spring training. If Park presents himself as a legitimate option, the extra seasoning can only help Pelfrey. If Park is the next Jose Lima, I want Pelfrey’s on-the-job training to start now.


    Pelfrey 9 IP, 1.00 ERA
    That looks good to me. Its our 5th starter I think it is his to lose now.


    Hi! Sorry I didn’t answer a while back. Yes I have seen the newcomers @ the games and man do they have hard decisions to make.

    Fans are even screaming “Lastings Milledge” when Green comes @ bat.

    BenJ is doing a great job (shoutout to him for stopping while driving away after a game to sign and take pics- really nice guy), and pitching oh well. I was @ the game in Viera that decided Soler’s fate.

    I know that I’m glad I don’t make those decisions.

    Hopefully coming next week I will be heading down to PSL (and road trip-ing) to catch some more action before the Mets fly away to bigger things.



  7. Edward

    YVaithe… a beast indeed! If Pelfrey keeps pitching down in the zone, with his sinker, he shouldn’t need much admustment in the bigs. Look at what Chin Ming Wang has accomplished in a short time w/ a sinker and otherwise mediocre arsenol. Then think of Pelfrey’s heater. I think he’s going to be a good pitcher for us this season.

    EC… You’re right… Milledge has nothing more to prove in the minors. It’s time to give him a shot every day. There’s certainly no harm in Pelfrey going to New Orleans… but I’m not sure Park has a lights out camp in him.

    Lee Ellen… I’d love for Green to land on the bench. I think he’s a decent ballplayer. Just not as good as he once was and not as good as what I think Milledge can give us now. He’d sure give us some depth in reserve…

    PV… As much as I don’t agree with it, I think Pelfrey was ticketed for Triple-A once they signed Park. The kid’s only chance to head north w/ the team was to have a lights out camp. He’s done that. This job indeed is his to lose…

    Des… great to hear from you! That’s a great detail about fans chanting Milledge during Green’s at bats. Something I think Shawn will have to get used to if he wins the right field job. Have you gotten to nab any autographs down there?

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball

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