Finding the Wright spot for David

There’s no need to fix what isn’t broken.
Wright_1      That’s how I feel about this new lineup Willie is said to be considering for the season. The one where David Wright bats second, Moises Alou fifth and Paul Lo Duca gets dropped to seventh.
     I know it’s awfully tempting to pencil Wright and his high-OBP in the two hole. But I think we need his power in the middle.
     Here’s why:

  • A slap-hitter like Lo Duca is a more potent weapon to our offense when he’s batting second. With Jose Reyes on base and the Carloses looming, the catcher saw his share good pitches, hit .318 and made the all-star team last season. Sandwiched between Shawn Green and Jose Valentin, I think his average will drop and we’ll have the potential for a soft bottom third.
  • I like the protection Wright and Alou give Delgado. Honestly, would you give Carlos something he can hit if you knew Alou and Green were the ones batting behind him? Me neither.

Any lineup preferences out there?

Mets in ’07!




    I’m not a big proponent of batting order–I generally think it doesn’t matter that much–but I definitely don’t want David Wright hitting second. Your logic is exactly why.

    Wright hitting second is only tempting if Lo Duca totally falls off the map completely this year. I’m not expecting that. Lo Duca filled the second hole beautifully in ’06.

    My mental lineup is Reyes-Lo Duca-Beltran-Delgado-Wright-Alou-Milledge/Johnson-Valentin-pitcher, with Shawn Green batting seventh…in Kansas City.


    I am thinking the same way, EC and Eddie. I would not muck up the lineup until it is proven that it is no longer working. I like LoDuca in the second spot as he performed very well last year slapping the ball around to advance Reyes. Wright, when he was playing well around the All Star Break, then stepped in and brought in the runs. So I agree, leave it be for now and see how it plays out after a month or so.

    As an aside, I am very disappointed that the Mets released Soler. I did not think he was all that bad and was material Peterson could still work with. But as I always say, that is why I sit here as an IT person and not managing baseball teams 🙂 I do hope Soler keeps plugging though. I think he will be a nice surprise at some point.

    Lee Ellen

  3. Kellia

    I like the protection Wright and Alou give Delgado. Honestly, would you give Carlos something he can hit if you knew Alou and Green were the ones batting behind him? Me neither.

    You mean LoDuca and Green, don’t you?


    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes

  4. Edward

    EC… Milledge got another hit in his first at bat today. He’s really having a big spring. I hope the club does the right thing here and benches Green… nothing against Shawn… I like the depth he gives us as a reserve. But it’s clear he didn’t do anything this spring to nail that job down and Willie did tell us it was up for grabs.

    Lee Ellen… yeh, that’s a bummer about Soler! I thought he’d done enough this spring to warrant a shot if the need arose sometime during the season. But it’s clear the club never forgave him for last season. The last spot in the rotation is going to come down to Pelfrey and Park. Here’s hoping it’s Pelfrey. I have no interest watching Chan Ho Park pitch.

    Kellia… I did mean Alou and Green… but that was a bit unfair of me. That’s not a knock on Alou. He’s still a good player. But I’d rather have Wright and Alou supporting Delgado than Alou and Green. Especially since Moises is a bit injury prone…

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball


    What pitcher would want to open a game against Reyes, Wright, The Carlos’ and Alou? That is a sick lineup. Dunno, I like the idea of it although I don’t think the lineup is all that bad as constructed with Wright and then Alou.


    You have a point. It worked last year and should work the same. The line up is even better with Alou in it. Look at what they are looking at when the Mets first come up. Reyes, LaDuka, Wright, Carlos’, Beltran and Alou? If Milledge can step up, which he is not doing bad so far, it is another power hitter. To me leave Wright were he is. How many teams have the top 6 guys looking like this.

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